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Mona Lisa Food Products, Inc. of North Carolina manufactures an innovative
variety of fine chocolate and pastry products which are distributed worldwide.
You will find Mona Lisa’s unique products in a wide range of segments in the food industry, including, but not limited to, in-store bakeries, commissary kitchens,
hotels and restaurants, industrial bakeries and retail supermarkets.

Adding Mona Lisa’s customized products on your menu gives desserts that extra “wow” factor,
in the design and flavor. Mona Lisa’s chocolate products attract a diversified customer base and also appeals to all cultural values of local markets wherever Mona Lisa does business around
the world. We pride ourselves in using the finest quality all natural chocolate. Our company is committed to food safety and follows the HACCP guidelines to ensure quality.

Founded in 1987 in Salinas, California, Mona Lisa Food Products specialty chocolates quickly
found success and growth, which made relocating to a larger facility in North Carolina necessary. Currently, Mona Lisa Food Products distributes from three warehouses:
Hendersonville, North Carolina • San Francisco, California • Lekkerkerk, Netherlands

We are continually growing and expanding our creative line of chocolates.
Look for great new things from Mona Lisa Food Products, Inc.!

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